The following selected projects showcase the necessary skills sets, creative drive and talents that I bring to my clients and employers as a highly motivated and skilled graphic designer. With years of experience in the design industry, I also bring a passion for design and a creative eye with a fresh perspective in print and digital media of all fields which require a touch of finesse resulting in successful design or marketing campaign. My specialties include focuses on corporate and private branding, package design, photography, illustration, typography, basic front-end web templates and trade booth designs. I desire projects that will challenge my designing and creative talents.

Along with my technicals skills, my interpersonal skills work very well in a team environment in which I enjoying collaborating with my fellow peers and cohorts. I strive to bring out the best on any given project serving as a team leader or collaborative member, but I am also a motivated self-starter in an individual environment when needed. I have always met my deadlines due to my multi-tasking skills sets across various platforms of design and applications.


Marketing and advertising is an important part of any business. The projects included in this gallery focus on corporating branding techniques, marketing campaigns, design concepts and web template designs.


Graphic designers should not be limited two demensional mediums. The project concept designs in this gallery demonstrates applications in a three demension medium and creative possiblities.


If a photo speaks a thousand words, then a design piece must be a novel. The photographic compositions in this gallery express a creative edge in design which helps relay messages and concepts to a target audience.

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